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Hi, welcome to Casual DIY blog! I'm Tomasz, aka Casual DIY, thanks for stopping by! You're probably wondering who is this guy so here's few lines about me.


I'm a self-taught woodworker and DIY-er living in Kalisz (Poland). I have created this page from passion to design, woodworking, general DIY and all resin projects. I also have a small but growing YouTube channel where I post weekly videos, ranging from woodworking projects, tool reviews and tests, tool comparisons and lately epoxy projects and everything that is about epoxy resin. 


I'm a husband to a wonderful wife, who never stops supporting me in my woodworking journey, and a father of two fantastic kids (5 year old boy Daniel and a baby daughter Hanna). 

Woodworking is my hobby, I'm hoping it will become my full time job over time. Thanks for reading and for allowing me to share my learning, thoughts, techniques and ideas with you. If you have any questions or comments, you can contact me anytime by filling out the form below.




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I’m always open to working with brands related to woodworking, DIY tools or epoxy resin! If your company would like to collaborate or you have an enquiry related to sponsorship, endoresement or advertising, feel free to email me at

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