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10 Neon Powders for Resin Casting You Need to See

If you are thinking of how to get some amazing results and effects when resin casting? Then you need to check out these awesome Neon Powders from ResinPro.

I have made a video showcasing all 10 powders, to watch it just scroll down to the end of my post.

Below you will find photos of the Neon Powders from up close however in reality they are far more brighter and more vibrant.

Depending on how much powder you will add the effect may be more or less transparent. These are perfect to add to a darker base that's mixed with mica powders or resin dye, for best results and amazing effects.

Also you may be interested in what do I use for resin casting, molds etc.

For that check out my Amazon store front - just click here.

Interested in these Neon Powders then check out the link below.

Neon Powders from Resin Pro presented in my video - click here

When shopping there you can use my personal promo code -10% off! Just type "casualdiy" code at checkout for your 10% off!


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