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Evolution Rage 5-S Table Saw - Installing a Soft Start Module

I had my table saw from Evolution the Rage 5S for few years now. And I have to say despite the flaws this saw has its still my favourite tool in my workshop. Apart from the Triton Oscillating Spindle and Belt Sander of course 😉

One of the flaws of this table saw was starting to annoy and frankly scare me. It’s the lack of soft start. When you switch this table saw on it just takes off like a jumbo jet, it’s not a pleasant experience at all.

I have decided to upgrade my Rage 5S with a soft start module, here is a link to it on Amazon.

The installation process is very simple, my module came with three wires, blue, red and black. The black is your live wire, blue is neutral and red takes the place of the live wire from the machine. The colours of the wires on your module can be different to mine and same as the colours of wires on your machine.

How to connect it then? (you need to check instructions that come with your soft start module)

First of all, you need to locate the main wire that goes from the motor to the panel where the switch (on/off) of the machine is. That’s the only wires we are interested in. From there it's a simple process, you connect the blue wire from the module to the blue wire on the switch. Then you need to take out the brown wire that goes from the motor to the switch panel. In that place you connect the red wire from the module. And finally, you connect the black wire from the module with the brown wire from the motor. And that is it. Very simple process but if that is not too clear then head over to my YouTube video to see the whole process step by step. Link to the video is just below.

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alfred mallia
alfred mallia

i bought two soft start module i done the same thing as you done but the machine want start it ok without them but not with the mudle on why is that

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