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Moulds for resin casting

In this post I'll be talking about different moulds that you can use for resin casting. From very DIY simple moulds, jewelry making moulds, pen blank and knife scale moulds and many more. You can find the link to my YouTube video here.

1. Sellotape/ Packing tape

Starting from the most basic solution - yes you can use sellotape. In the example below I have used my own wooden moulds and secured it well with the sellotape (give it a few coats). Once secured I poured epoxy into it.

It works great, but it has one downside - usually it is quite hard to make this tape into the shape you want so there will be a lot of sanding to make it look the way you want.

2. PVC sheet material

The one that I'm using is transparent and the thickness is about 1- 2 millimeters so it's very easy to cut the dimensions you require and again creating your own mould with that. You can use CA glue to connect the pieces together or even hot glue would work just fine. This is another very cheap way of creating your own moulds.

3. HDPE plastic container

I use them a lot, basically resin will not stick to it and it is a perfect material to make moulds when you for example making pen blanks or knife scale blanks. You can make them yourself and I will be making another post to show you exactly how to make these moulds. You can obviously buy them online as well - they are very high quality and you can check some examples online here and here.

4. Silicone containers

Another option to consider is silicone. They come in lots of different forms and shapes and you can the choice is absolutely amazing. You can choose from simple shapes like heart, diamonds through pendants to mountain shape or animal faces!

I usually buy my silicone or HDPE moulds online and mostly get them from Aliexpress, eBay, Amazon (it's a link to my Amazon site where you can find all the products I use when working with resin) or Wish.

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