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Garage Upgrades - roof insulation, ventilation and electrics

Garage Upgrades - roof insulation, ventilation and electrics

Welcome to my garage/ workshop update.

I managed to get the tradesmen in and sort out the roof insulation. They also sorted out the electrics and ventilation in my garage.

Let’s start with the roof insulation.

As you can see its just bear timber and nothing else. So, let’s go through it step by step.

First, the tradesmen, installed a breathable membrane on the roof’s timber. They made sure there would be correct air ventilation to avoid any condensation issues. Next step was the wool itself, in my case it was 150mm thick one and another 50mm. This way it creates air gaps that actually protect the garage from sun heat in the summer and keep the warmth in the winter.

Next another layer of breathable membrane and plasterboards. Sounds simple but it takes a while to do and its best if you got someone to help. Lifting those plasterboards is no easy task.

Next the ventilation. I could not believe there was no ventilation in the garage area at all. And boy what a difference it made when it was made. Nice clean fresh air. Correct ventilation in your garage or workshop will prevent any build-up of moisture and mould. It is just a must have.

What is a workshop without proper electrics right?

Got that sorted as well. Plenty of sockets on all the walls will future proof my workshop for any new potential tool or workstation. Another addition to the electric area is a fuse box. It’s located in an easily accessible place. In this case it will have two jobs. The first one is to make sure that my tools will not trip out the whole house. Any issues will stop in the garage. Secondly, the most important bit, it will act as a safety feature. Touch wood that I will never have an accident in my workshop. But if I would, then with one button I can switch off all my tools (running table saw, dust extractor etc.) And I can shout for help. I just think it is a no brainer to have such a safety measure in a workshop.

Now my garage, workshop to become, is ready for painting. But that will come in my next blog post and a YouTube video on my channel.

All the best


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