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My new workshop!

Good day fellow DIYers and woodworkers.

Today for the first time I will show you my garage that will become my new workshop.

In the UK I had a single bay garage that was about 13m2. So, you can say I’m being spoiled now. My new garage is 22m2 and I will also have access to an additional room that’s 9m2.

There is a lot of work to be done to transform this space to a workshop and a recording studio in a way.

As you can see its not finished. I need to sort out the celling, lights and electrics. I need to sound proof the garage somehow so I will not be a nuisance to my neighbors and my family as the garage is attached to the house.

There is no heating in the garage so I will have to look for some solutions to sort that out as winters in Poland can get very cold. On the same note summers get very hot and maybe an air conditions unit with a heating mode would be the best solution. But please let me know what you think in the comments below.

The plan for the near future for my channel is to take you with me on my journey of transforming this space to a usable workshop.

I’m so exited to have this new space as my workshop, and I can’t wait to start making some awesome projects here and share them with you.

I’m so gratefull to all of you that stayed with my channel despite the content drought.

Over the next few weeks the videos will be more Vlogy before I get properly set up. But I think they will be interesting to watch as they may touch on issues and solutions that you may find interesting.

Thank you for your support.

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