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My future content and plans

Workshop update.

I made some progress in clearing the garage and unpacking all the big cardboard boxes. I’ve sorted all my things into plastic see through containers. At least I will be able to see what’s inside and find what I need a bit quicker. But this is still far away from perfect. I had similar solution in my old workshop, where most of my things were stored on shelves that I made on the joists of my garage. That saved me a ton of space in the main work area. But yes, I needed a ladder to get to my things.

I don’t want to put any shelves or anything else until the roof of my garage is sorted and same with the electrics. It’s so hard to get any tradesmen in at the moment in Poland. I wasn’t expecting that, and everything is just getting delayed because of it. I need the insulation and electrics to be done by qualified tradesmen as I need everything on paper, what work has been done and to what standard. As this garage will be my workplace from legal perspective that’s what has to happen unfortunately.

I do have a bit of a road map for my future content but its constantly evolving and changing. As YouTube and general DIY will become my main job, I want to deliver to you at least two maybe three videos per week. Time will tell how that will work. But hey you need some ambitious plans to aim at to be able to develop further.

For the next few weeks, you will mostly see some vlogy type videos. Although I just bought Karcher K7 with some attachments so you can expect to see an unboxing and initial testing video on that. I think the attachment I got will be a separate video. And as always you can expect another re-review video after at least 6 months of use but I think a solid year is best. I think that way of reviewing is the best as usually the initial excitement and perfect condition of the tool may cloud its true performance over time. Tell me what you think about that way of doing reviews? Do you like it or not?

Eventually when things settle down a bit, I want to post certain subjects of videos on specific days of the week. For example, on Monday the topic will we “learning woodworking” and you will see videos on basics of joinery, types of wood, how to dry wood, what materials are best for specific projects etc.

On Tuesday I’m planning to post videos on tools reviews and tool basics for beginners – for example how to use them, look after them, what types of job you can do with them plus some tips and tricks.

On Wednesday you will see general woodworking projects that may not be best suited for beginners. You will also be able to watch other un-themed videos I may come up with.

Thursday is for workshop improvement videos, jigs etc. and also woodworking projects for beginners and people that don’t have lots of ‘fancy’ tools.

Friday will be my resin day and also 3D printing. I have bought a 3D printer a while back, it’s still in the box lol. I think a 3D printer can be a great addition to any workshop, it offers another wide spectrum of projects and improvements that can be added to tools and your usual woodworking jobs. I’m excited about this one to see where it could lead me as a maker.

Saturday and Sunday will be for my vlog type videos. Bit more relaxed and maybe bit more personal.

I wanted to establish this as you may not be interested in all my content but for example you like my workshop improvement videos. And now you will know that when you get a notification from YouTube that I posted a video and its Thursday you will straight away know it may be worth watching.

I hope that all of this makes some sense lol.

Let me know what you think about a setup like that. Obviously, this is not set in stone and it may evolve and change but then I will let you know.

I hope the work of insulating the roof and electrics get done quick so I can start producing for you cool content that I hope you will enjoy.

For now, that’s all and I hope to see you on my next post or YouTube video.

All the best.


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