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Setting up my new Workshop

Well, it was long time coming but I’m finally getting there. The roof is insulated, electrics done and the whole garage painted.

Now I can move in and set up my workbench, carts and lumber rack. I’m so glad they are all mobile on casters. It makes it so much easier to move everything around. And I can tell you that there will be a lot of movement on my workshop. Until I find the best set up that is.

I find that a workshop or a carpentry shop is always an ongoing, ever changing project. New tool will usually require some small changes or big ones, depending on what new toy we got.

This gives the ability to improve and always look for better solutions. That what makes us makers of all sort and gives us the power to unleash our creativity.

I have only started my journey in creating my new workshop, but I hope you will join me on this adventure, here on my blog and on my YouTube channel.

If you want to check out all my tools you can head to my Amazon store front. Here is the link, thanks!

All the best.



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