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Karcher Pressure Washer K7 Full Control Plus Unboxing + Testing

Never had a pressure washer before but now I feel it will come in handy around the house. Cleaning the car, house elevation, pavement and gutters to name a few. I went for the Karcher as it’s a well-known brand with relatively good opinion.

I went for the K7 version which is the latest version at the moment. It has a new spray gun with LCD display for controlling the level of pressure and level of detergent.

Not sure how much that is an improvement or just a gimmick. Time will tell how it works and if there will be any issues with it. The lance that comes with the machine is a 3 in 1 multi jet spray lance. In theory there will be no need to change the lance to a different one as it will accommodate different levels of pressure and even the detergent mode. The lance has a height adjustable telescopic handle so that will help with some tasks and it allows to be stowed away in a compact manner. The machine is fitted with a Plug and Clean system. It should be a convenient way to apply detergents.

The pressure this machine can work with is minim 20 bar and maximum of 180 bar. The flow rate of water is maxed at 600 litres per hour. The water temperature it can handle is up to 60 degrees Celsius. The power is 3000 W so its quite powerful and on paper should meet all the expectations in this area.

The package includes the high-pressure spray gun (G180), 3-in1 Multi Jet, high pressure hose 10m, quick connect on the side of the device, detergent application via plug ‘n’ clean system, telescopic handle, water cooled motor, soft gab, integrated water filter and A3/4” garden hose connector adapter.

You can set up different level of pressure to tackle different jobs. For example, you got the detergent nozzle set up – mix – which will draw water and dosing the detergent as needed plus you can change the water pressure. Great option to clean a car.

Changing the nozzle to dirt grinder option with full pressure power will tackle stubborn dirt on stone terraces like the one I’ve got. Where overtime the stones will grow in dirt and hopefully this will be my solution to keep the clean and looking nice.

You can also change the nozzle to flat jet that will be suited to most jobs like cleaning wooden surfaces, bicycles, rattan furniture etc. You can also adjust the pressure to suit the job in this nozzle setup.

Remember to set up the nozzle and pressure correctly to your job as too much pressure and the dirt grinder nozzle set up may damage your things – like paintwork on your car. Also remember to keep at least 30 cm distance when using the jet for cleaning painted surfaces so that you will not damage it.

I would definitely recommend some practice runs before tackling any major jobs, this will prevent any potential damage the pressure washer may cause if not used correctly.

One thing to remember is when using the pressure washer with detergent you need to turn the jet spray lance to detergent nozzle MIX. Also, the detergent can only be added when the device is operating in low pressure mode. With the buttons on the gun, you can set the amount of detergent that will be mixed with water.

It seems that this pressure washer from Karcher is a solid machine packed with features that will tackle most of your jobs around the house.

Time will tell how the quality will hold up and if there will be any issues. I will do a re-review blog and video next year to give you a clear picture if this machine is definitely worth your money.

For now, I’m quite happy with the quality and range of options this pressure washer comes with. It gives solid performance and can’t see any major faults with it. Apart from a bit plastic feel to the machine and some storage for the power cable would be nice as well.

If you looking into buying this Karcher K7 Full Control Plus then check this Amazon link.

Hope this information was helpful to you and to see this machine in action just click you my YouTube video below.


Tomasz Franczyk


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